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Madame Mo

Koinobori Kabuki Soldier Small

Koinobori Kabuki Soldier Small

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How can one remain insensitive to the intense staging, to the spectacular and codified play of the over-painted actors, to the sophisticated Kabuki costumes... It's quite simple:

Japanese theatre has made Madame Mo's head spin! And this gives birth to the Koinobori Soldier and the Koinobori Samurai. Majestic in blue, the soldier is one of the heroes so much appreciated by Japanese children. With the Kabuki family, Madame Mo invites you to continue your immersion in Japanese culture. 

Every May 5th during Kodomo No Hi, they are hoisted in the wind to honor children. By offering koinobori, parents encourage children to be strong and valiant and wish them happiness, prosperity, joy and health throughout their lives

Size Small - 70 x 26.4 cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

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