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Retro Floral Enamel Plate - Ocean Blue

Retro Floral Enamel Plate - Ocean Blue

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Beautiful quality colourful enamel plates in our ocean teal blue colour with our signature smart steel rim.

We love our retro inspired design enamel plates matching our eye catching enamel mugs with the vintage floral, and hope you will too.

Enamel products are just so beautiful yet versatile too as they won't break if you drop them. This is why we think these plates are perfect for outdoors use, however, would make a pretty addition to any stylish home too.

We have chosen a size for our first plates that we think is most versatile, not to big and not too small. Plus they have a little dip in the centre so the food won't fall off if eating on your lap!

- Vintage Inspired Design
- Very Durable
- Dishwasher Proof
- Practical size
- Small convenient dip in centre
- Materials: Steel core with enamel finish
- Dimensions 23cm (W) x 2cm (H)
- Weight 222g each
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