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Box of 12 Light Green Mini Dipped Candles

Box of 12 Light Green Mini Dipped Candles

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Hand-dipped, Light Green dyed candle - 1.3cm x 12 cm sold box of 12
Dipped candles, made in Denmark since 1971. 

Creating 'hand-dipped' candles is an artisanal craft where each candle is made by repeatedly dipping a wick into melted wax. The size differences come from how many times the wick is dipped and how long it's left to cool between dips. This handcrafted process means that no two candles are exactly the same, giving each one a unique size and character.

Our 12 cm candles will make a nice everyday candle at an affordable price.

Size: 1.3cm x 12 cm
Available in Red, Cerise, Light Green and Orange 
Burn time: ~ 1½-2 hours.

The candles are dyed and made from fully refined paraffin to secure a clean burn.

Our Hand dipped candles are perfectly suited to our candleholders ‘The Bell’, and can make a bold colourful statement

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