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White Spider Web Candles

White Spider Web Candles

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These wonderfully atmospheric spider web candles weave a beautiful web pattern while burning...

To allow the spider webs to form, wax has to escape down the sides. Please ensure that these candles are placed approx 10cm away from each other on a candle tray.

The candles need to be blown out very gently in order to save the beautiful web.

Each candle is sold individually.
Material: 100% Stearin Wax

Available in 4 sizes:
Large 5x25cm - Burn Time: approx. 45hrs
Medium 5x20cm - Burn Time: approx. 35hrs 
Small 5x15cm -  Burn Time: approx. 25hrs
Extra Small 5x10cm - Burn Time: approx. 17hrs 


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