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Que Rico

Tray Javier- Spanish Swirls

Tray Javier- Spanish Swirls

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Que Rico founder, Josephine Coelembier, grew up in an entrepreneurial family and by seeing so much passion it naturally became her dream to also become an entrepreneur herself one day. In 2017, after a wonderful adventure, she moved to Valencia, Spain. Living there, she quickly fell in love with the Spanish lifestyle and weather. However, back home, she noticed how dull most interiors were and wanted to bring a piece of Spanish sunshine into her home. Since Josephine couldn’t find on the market what she was looking for, she decided to design it herself. Immediately, she started drawing and painting the first prototypes. The choice of ceramics came naturally, as she grew up in it. Her parents have a company that specialised in colourful ceramic animals, called Pomme pidou. Fastforward to 2022. Josephine got the hang of it and designed her first collection. Qué Rico was born! All of the Que Rico collection are designed by Josephine and are hand painted!

Dimensions ( H x W x L ): 17.0 x 13.0 x 2.0 cm

Material Ceramic
Finishing Hand-painted and glazed
Please note that all Qué Rico products are handcrafted with love, which may result
in slight irregularities such as brush strokes and unevenness in the beige base colour.
These variations are due to baking process and manual painting. We believe that
these imperfections add to the uniqueness and charm of each item.

We advise to use soft detergents for commercial dishwashers.
To keep the items in the best condition, handwash is recommended.
Wipe with a damp cloth for cleaning.

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