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Madame Mo

Koinobori Daylight Blue Small

Koinobori Daylight Blue Small

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A koi with an enchanting shimmer, as if born from a morning glory, Asagao.

Koinobori Daylight Blue is directly inspired by the asagao’s’belle-de-jour’ flowers.

For those lucky enough to be in Tokyo in early July, Madame Mo recommends that they visit Japan's largest belles-de-jour festival: Iriya Asagao matsuri, near Tokyo's Shingen-ji Temple.

Wonderful show, wonderful atmosphere. A little anecdote: because the belles-de-jour bloom in the morning, the Japanese have renamed them as asagao, asa 朝 meaning "morning" and 顔 -gao "face".

The koinobori, carp-shaped windsock, is a mythical object in Japan: it is the gift that we offer to boys & girls, at the children's party (Kodomo No Hi) May 5th.

Size Small - 70 x 26.4 cm
100% organic cotton
Machine washable 30°

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